Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Payroll processing, payroll taxes, quarterly processing and W2s

Paying your employees in a timely fashion is just one aspect of the payroll equation. Keeping track of work hours, employee benefits, deductions, accruals and garnishments can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Managing payroll procedures in-house can adversely impact productivity if not done in a professional manner. Why waste precious effort and resources when you can easily automate your payroll procedures using 24hr Bookeeper?

24hr Bookkeeper takes on the tasks of payroll processing so you don’t feel overwhelmed with the complications and frustrations that come with paying your employees. Take advantage of our qualified team members to calculate hours, taxes and employee benefits thus ensuring accurate and timely payments, all while maintaining records of all transactions. We’ll take care of staying up to date with the latest government regulatory requirements so you don’t have to and avoid paying penalties.

  • Payroll Processing

We will manage your employee paychecks, including employee benefits, garnishments, vacation, sick time and job costing. We’ll also help manage your contractors.

  • Monthly & Quarterly Reporting

Compute monthly and quarterly reports for various benefits and tax purposes with 24hr Bookkeeper. Ensure error-free calculations and timely payments. We’ll even handle your federal and state payroll reporting requirements, including 941, 940, state withholding and state unemployment.

  • W2 & 1099 Preparation

24hr Bookkeeper will handle yearly processing and reporting so you don’t have to. We’ll make sure to provide each employee, contractor or vendor with the proper yearly form.

  • Direct Deposit

Payroll gets even easier with direct deposit. No more signing and distributing checks. Your employees will appreciate not having to go to the bank anymore. The money is deposited directly to their accounts on payday.